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Home Renovation Subsidy 2024: Maximum Support and Cost-Efficiency

The home renovation subsidy in 2024 offers a fantastic opportunity for the energy-efficient modernization of family houses. This support is particularly significant for those looking to ublankpgrade their homes, reduce energy consumption, and improve the energy efficiency of their property.

Subsidy and Application Conditions

The subsidy amount can be up to 6 million forints, divided into a non-repayable grant and an interest-free loan. This support is available exclusively for family houses built before December 31, 1990, and the property must be registered as a residential building in the land registry, such as urban, rural, or garden house, detached family house, row house, or semi-detached house​​​​.

Energy Certificate

To apply for the subsidy and demonstrate the achieved energy improvement, a valid energy certificate is required. The certificate proves the property’s energy status before and after the renovation. An energy improvement of at least 30% must be achieved to qualify for the subsidy​​.

Subsidy Amount and Loan Conditions

The ratio of the non-repayable grant to the interest-free loan depends on the region’s economic development and the applicant’s income. Higher support is available in lower-income districts, while lower support is available in higher-income districts. The amount of support is determined based on the applicant’s and their spouse’s or registered partner’s income​​​​.

Personal Requirements

Only adult natural persons with a Hungarian tax identification number who have been living in the property in question since at least May 1, 2024, can apply for the subsidy. The applicant must not have tax arrears or utility bill debts exceeding the gross minimum wage and must not be older than 75 at the end of the loan term. If the applicant does not meet the age requirement, a co-borrower who meets these conditions must be involved​​​​.

Implementation and Loan Repayment

Renovation work must be completed within the 24-month availability period of the loan, extendable by an additional 6 months once. Loan repayment starts after a 3-month grace period following the renovation, with a total repayment term of 10 years​​.


The home renovation subsidy in 2024 offers a great opportunity for the energy-efficient modernization of family houses. The combination of non-repayable grants and interest-free loans enables cost-effective investments, providing significant long-term savings and energy efficiency. Solar&Solar Wholesale offers the quality products and solutions needed to successfully implement grant projects. Contact our technical staff, who are ready to answer all your questions and help you choose the right system!

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