NPP: New Support Opportunities

“Napenergia Plusz” Program: New Support Opportunities

The Hungarian government has taken another step toward promoting sustainable energy sources by nearly doubling the Solar Plus Program’s budget. An additional 30 billion forints have been allocated on top of the original 75.8 billion, bringing the total to 105.8 billion forints. This allows over 25,000 families to receive support, promoting solar energy production and storage.


Why is the Solar Plus Program Important?

The program aims to increase Hungary’s energy sovereignty, reduce dependency on foreign energy sources, and support environmentally friendly energy production. Solar energy is not only sustainable and eco-friendly but also cost-effective in the long run, reducing energy consumption costs. The Solar Plus Program’s support helps households and businesses transition to renewable energy sources more easily.

Support Opportunities and Conditions

The new budget provides an opportunity to expand the program, making support available to more applicants. The funds can be used for the installation, expansion, and maintenance of solar energy systems and the development of energy storage solutions. One key condition is that applicants must have the necessary technical and financial background to implement the projects.

Solar&Solar Wholesale Packages

Solar&Solar Wholesale’s technical staff has put together several packages for contractors and end-users that meet the Solar Plus Program’s criteria. These packages include various sizes and capacities of solar panel systems, including inverters, batteries, and other necessary accessories. The packages available are:

  • Basic Package: Inverter + energy storage
  • Basic Extra Package: Inverter + energy storage + solar panel
  • Comfort Package: Inverter + energy storage + solar panel + all installation and structural materials

How to Apply?

Applying for support under the Solar Plus Program is a simplified process. Interested parties should first consult with an official contractor who will assist in project planning and submitting the application. Solar&Solar Wholesale experts are ready to help choose the most suitable package.

Contact our sales team and check our web catalog for more information: Solar&Solar webshop.

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