SolaX Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

SolaX Battery Energy Storage System (BESS): Innovation and Efficiency in Solar Energy Storage

The SolaX Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) represents the latest technology in solar energy storage, available in Hungary exclusively at Solar&Solar Wholesale. The system aims to enhance energy independence and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Below, we detail the key features, manufacturing process, and how Solar&Solar Wholesale can help customers make the most of the system.

How SolaX BESS Works

The foundation of the SolaX BESS system is modular battery technology, allowing for easy scaling of capacity and performance. The system offers both small and large capacity storage solutions, ranging from 46.4 kWh to 0.9 MWh. This technology enables energy storage for later use, which is crucial for renewable energy sources like solar, where energy production does not always align with consumption times.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Modularity: The system consists of various-sized modules that are easily scalable. For example, the 46 kWh modules can be configured in several performance combinations, such as 46 kWh / 15 kW or 92 kWh / 30 kW.
  • High-Capacity Storage: SolaX BESS systems are available in 10, 20, and 40-foot containers, with capacities up to 464 kWh and outputs up to 150 kW.
  • High Efficiency: The inverters can achieve up to 97.5% efficiency during charging and discharging, significantly enhancing overall system efficiency.
  • Safety: The system uses LiFePO4 batteries, known for their long lifespan and safety. These batteries can handle over 6000 cycles with low self-consumption.
  • Flexible Application: The systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can operate reliably under various climatic conditions.

Manufacturing Process

SolaX BESS systems are manufactured using the latest technologies and stringent quality control procedures. The focus is on achieving the highest level of compatibility and reliability to ensure the final product is a high-quality, long-lasting energy storage system.

  • Containers: The storage containers come in standard ISO sizes and can be custom-made to meet specific needs. These containers are thermally insulated and equipped with air conditioning to maintain internal temperatures between +15°C and +35°C.
  • Modules: Each 46 kWh module consists of 8 SolaX Triple Power batteries, connected to a system with voltages ranging from 230V to 460V DC. The connection to inverters is via a 3x 400V AC interface.

Solar&Solar Wholesale

Solar&Solar Wholesale proudly offers the full range of SolaX products in Hungary. Our customers can now access SolaX native optimizer systems at particularly favorable prices. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial solar systems, we provide all the necessary equipment and accessories.

Our experienced technical team is ready to assist in selecting and installing the right system. We answer all questions and offer comprehensive support throughout the project’s lifecycle. Our customers can trust that Solar&Solar Wholesale delivers the highest quality products and services.

The SolaX Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) offers innovative and efficient solutions for energy storage. Its modular design, high efficiency, and flexibility make it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These cutting-edge systems are now available in Hungary exclusively through Solar&Solar Wholesale at unbeatable prices.

Visit us and discover how the SolaX BESS system can enhance your energy independence and efficiency!


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