A leading Solar PV distributor in CEE.

Founded in 2001, Solar&Solar Ltd started with sales in Hungary. The company grew rapidly with local sales teams and our aspiration is reflected in recent expansion to the entire Central European region.

About Solar&Solar

At Solar&Solar, we believe in making energy independence accessible to everyone. With our extensive range of solar components, coupled with our expertise in commercial and residential solar installations, we are committed to providing solutions that meet your energy needs and budget.

Our online wholesale platform offers a vast selection of high-quality solar components, ensuring you have access to the best products in the market at competitive prices.

Whether you’re looking for solar panels, inverters, batteries, or mounting systems, we have everything you need to build a top-notch solar energy system. Our expert team is always on hand to advise on the best components for your project, ensuring peak performance and maximum savings.

Whether you’re a solar installer or developer in Hungary or part of the wider European solar energy community, Solar&Solar’s webshops are your go-to source for wholesale solar products and services. Experience the difference that a dedicated, market-specific approach to solar wholesale can make. With Solar&Solar, you’re not just purchasing solar products; you’re becoming part of a movement towards a sustainable, renewable energy-powered future.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit significantly from switching to solar energy. Not only does it reduce energy costs in the long term, but it also enhances your company’s green credentials.

Our commercial solar solutions are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your business. From the initial consultation to the final installation and maintenance, we handle everything, ensuring a smooth transition to solar energy with minimal disruption to your operations.

PVsolarstore.com is not just a portal to high-quality solar products; it’s a multilingual gateway designed to ensure that solar installers and developers across Europe can easily access the information and products they need in their language. Currently available in four languages, our webshop exemplifies our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in the renewable energy sector.

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We make it happen.

In today’s world, achieving energy independence is not just a dream—it’s a feasible reality, thanks to advancements in solar technology and energy storage solutions. At Solar&Solar, we specialize in empowering businesses and homeowners to take control of their energy needs. From online wholesale of solar components to professional installation services for both commercial and residential settings, we are your one-stop shop for all things solar.

About Our Solar Online Stores

Solar&Solar stands at the forefront of the solar industry as the premier operator of two distinct solar wholesale webshops, catering to both Hungary’s specific market needs and the broader European solar energy sector. Our dedication to supporting solar installers and developers is unmatched, with tailored solutions designed to empower the renewable energy community.

Tailor-Made Solar Solutions for Hungary

Understanding the unique requirements of the Hungarian solar market, Solar&Solar has developed a specialized webshop dedicated exclusively to Hungarian solar installers and developers. Our platform is designed with the insight and expertise necessary to support Hungary’s solar professionals, offering an extensive range of solar products and services that meet the specific demands of this core market.

Expanding Horizons with PVsolarstore.com for Europe

In our commitment to foster renewable energy adoption across Europe, Solar&Solar proudly operates PVsolarstore.com, an international solar wholesale webshop. This platform serves the European market at large, offering an extensive catalog of solar products accessible in four languages. Through PVsolarstore.com, we aim to break down barriers and facilitate access to top-quality solar solutions across the continent.

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''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude''

At Solar&Solar, we firmly believe that excellence isn’t just a skill to be acquired but an attitude to be nurtured. This guiding principle shapes everything we do, from our services and products to our interactions with clients and, most importantly, our relationship with our colleagues.

Whether you’re a part of our team or our valued client, Solar&Solar is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence. For our colleagues, this means creating a workplace where you feel valued, respected, and supported in your professional growth. For our clients, it translates to delivering unparalleled service and solutions, driven by a team that’s committed to excellence as a way of life.

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Our trained colleagues and solar technicians are available to assist you in your energy transition journey, wether is a simple online puchase of a solar pv component tor a solar PV power plant or energy storage need.


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